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" Caroline Story" :

Coming from a large family who loved entertaining from small dinner parties, over cocktail parties to soirées my sisters and I were exposed to the “art” of entertaining from a very young age.

But in the countryside of Austria where I grew up we didn’t have caterers or stores where you could buy readymade party food.

The women in the villages would do their specialities (salty and/or sweet), which would always be really tasty and beautifully presented, and bring them over when needed, and with both my parents being great cooks we would do the rest.

But one woman in our village inspired me most with her cakes and cookies which she let us taste on a regular basis. They were eye wateringly delicious!

She was the reason that started me on cakes – especially after having moved here to London as my beloved Austrian cakes were unavailable here. And with my husband being French I had to add French recipes to my repertoire as well.

Whenever we entertained I used to try new recipes on my guests until … well until my friends started to suggest that I should sell these cakes and savouries that I bake and make in my own kitchen with ingredients from local shops. It took me awhile but well … here we are!"

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