Selfie Pods and Photo Booths (2 hours)

Having a photo booth at your child’s party is a great way to capture and highlight all the fun they are having. A perfect (and let’s face it, a more fun) alternative to taking that selfie! Your child have a wide range of dress up items including hats, wigs and props to assist that all important shot! Their printouts are instant, meaning that they will have a memory to take home and cherish for years to come.
Our Selfie Pod’s height can be adjusted to suit any of our younger clients perfectly.
Our beauty lighting provides a clean and crisp finish for
your images, making every smile captured look fabulous!
Green screen is becoming an ever popular choice. We provide various different image backgrounds that enhance the photo booth experience. It enables your guests to be
superimposed into a different environment of their choosing. Literally be anywhere in the world, real or make believe within a quick click of a button – we encourage
you to go crazy: landscapes, beach scenes, glaciers, celebrities, movie sets and maybe even a favorite cartoon or book character – Go crazy!
Our Selfie Pods are designed to be the talk of your event. Modern, compact and easily transportable, it allows more people than ever to get behind the lens. Comes with a choice of backdrop or create your own. The Selfie Pod is perfect for any smaller venues and can utilise a smaller corner or area. The Pod takes just 3o minutes to set up via one of our Booth Buddies.
Due to the fact it is open air and exposed, all of your guest can enjoy the action and join in the fun!
- High definition DSLR+HD camera
- Small & compact
- Beauty dish giving professional lighting system®
- Fits up to 15 people with the largest backdrop
- Video, GIF and social media instant sharing*
- Easy to use touch screen capture & print system
- Mitsubishi® speedy instant printer
- Supports green screen technology
- Size: 45cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 110cm (H).

*WiFi Required
We cover all London within M25 at no extra costs. The only thing is if we have to pay for parking or congestion charges, these will be charged to the client.

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Areas of the UK that are covered: We cover all parts of London (within M25)
Days of the week and timings : everyday
Maximum number of children in the party: Unlimited
Cancellation Policy: Can cancel 72 hours before and will get their money back minus the £50. After this no money will be refunded.