Perfect Pasta Classs

Whoever thought making pasta was a waste of time will be proved wrong after trying the pasta from this class.

Gone with the flavourless supermarket ravioli and in with the homemade packed full pockets of joy. And what’s better your kids will make it for you!

Starting with an upbeat demonstration of the process of making pasta, the kids will then get to go away and make their own dough, a filling, rolling out the pasta and lastly but most importantly nailing how to make ravioli - handle with care; if you have a hole in the dough you can lose that precious and oh so truly delectable filling!

Now to cook the pasta and lastly and most deliciously of all you eat!

The event runs for 2.5 hours.

Sample Menu:

Cream Cheese and Chive Ravioli and Shaved Parmesan

(if preferred can do Pizza instead of pasta)

Target Age: 8+
Cancellation Policy: no refund policy