Maja Dragovic

Home made cake with high quality of ingredients. All cakes are with edible figurines . Also with the cake, you can have so sweet tables: like pop cakes,cupcakes,corn cakes and much more :) 100 % positive feed back !

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Maja as always made AMAZING cake for us

All really enjoyed it and very happy with her talented creations

Anna about listing Cake Mini Mouse 5 months ago.

It was absolutely amazing cake ! Beautiful and delicious. Maja is excellent person whom was very professional, attentive to my requests and small details , communication was fantastic and the final outcome superb !

After I tried so many cakes providers I’ll definitely stick to Maja from now onwards


The sweets that I ordered came really late. The sweets table appeared almost empty for I ordered the cake pops, biscuits and macarons from her. It came in midst of the busiest time and almost finishing time of the party as so when it came , i just literally dumped them on the table. Was really so excited initially about it. We have agreed to have it delivereda day before but I understood that she has some personal emergency, do i agreed to have it delivered an hour before the party. . it came 2 hours late from the agreed time. But she apologised and said that she will refund me 40 pounds.. up until this time, it hasnt come yet

gayle about listing Package 6 months ago.