Pasta n' play

My passion for cooking started more than 30 years ago when I used to watch my Grandmother preparing food for our family. I was not only watching but on some lucky occasions, I took part in the process. My tasks as Nonna’s assistant chef were messing around with flour and playing with the dough. I started learning like this, having fun and playing and this is how my cooking classes are.
I now want to spread the passion for good and healthy food in London. I moved here 6 years ago and since then I have been feeding hundreds of people using the techniques learned from my grandmother.
I have a background in tax law. I worked as a tax advisor during the week and cookery tutor during the weekend for almost three years, until pregnant when I decided to quit the office job for a more adventurous career.
I decided to start my own cookery school. I tested the recipes on friends first and then started advertising the class: online, through directories and social media; on the street, with flyers and through word of mouth. The classes grew to the point where I was running them every weekend. “I enjoy it so much and it fits so well around my family. I am finally doing the job of my dreams” says Vicky.
My mission is to educate people on how much fun it can be to cook together with family and friends. But the benefits don’t stop there...It also makes everyone eat healthier food!
The recipes I cook are simple but extremely tasty, made only with the best ingredients.
I take great care of the environment using only organic products and carefully picking my suppliers. I have a zero-waste policy in place and the use of plastic is reduced where possible.
I strongly believe that everyone should have access to good and healthy food and for this reason, I am an active volunteer in the local community. I collaborate with the Camden Health Kick, a project that aims to offer free healthy activities to increase the health of the community members.

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