Handmade personalised children's party decorations.

We provide complete, personalised party decoration packages allowing you throw that stylish party for your little one without the hardwork. Our kits contain unique, handmade, personalised decorations to help your party stand out. They are the ideal party pieces you would magic up yourself if only you had the time! Once your box arrives, simply hang the personalised bunting, set out the decorations and enjoy your little one’s special day.

The Company was started by a London based mum of 2 who wanted to create the beautiful themed parties you can see online, but found that putting together all the elements of a picture perfect day was both time consuming and stressful.

She therefore vowed to create a simple solution for all busy parents looking to take the hassle out of party planning.

All our handmade personalised party items are designed and made at home in London.

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The party bags are just amazing and they arrived in a perfect box ready to be assembled. We had so much fun doing this as a family! Everything was so easy and quick to book. Thank you so much.

Rita about listing 25 Rainbow chevron baking kit party bags 12 months ago.