Everybody loves the nostalgia of the old-fashioned sweet shop. When we look back fondly at our own childhood memories of sweet shops, we remember gazing in wonderment at the rows of jars, the scent of the shop, the tinkling of the sweets being scooped into the scales, and the shopkeeper twirling the bag expertly to enclose our precious choice of confectionery.

So we thought how lovely to package that whole experience up in a glorious display that allows events to have an amazing focal point for all of your guests to enjoy, along with fun sweet creations as gifts for people to receive at home. And that was how The Candy Co was born.

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Wonderful jars bursting with a delicious selection of fun sweeties! Thank you Candy for making this happen!

sally à propos de l'annonce Large Sweet Jars il y a 20 jours.
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I sent Pinterest images links via the 'Chat with Me' of the style, colour and theme I wanted.

The process was very easy and the candy cones arrived on time, beautifully packaged filled with very pretty sweet treats..

The personalised stickers looked wonderful.

Thank you for finding the right colour match and for making my daughters party bags so cool! All the girls loved them!

sally à propos de l'annonce Mini Personalised Sweetie Cones il y a 1 mois.
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Delivered promptly and so beautifully packaged..

Such a hit in the party bags and made with gorgeous sweeties!

Thank you so much

sally à propos de l'annonce Candy Stick il y a 1 mois.