New Baby Cookie box

As all new mums will know, there is a limit to how many babygro's you need, and flowers are lovely, but you can't eat them! This exquisite gift box is perfect for any new mum. We hand bake and ice delicious vanilla sugar cookies, and package them beautifully with a personalised gift card. Choose from Blue, Pink or Yellow. In those early days of joy and exhaustion, our stunning new baby gift cookies will both make them smile, and make their tastebuds sing....!

Area of delivery : UK
Cancellation Policy: We are unable to cancel once we have started baking
Additional Information: We can make larger boxes, or package them for Christenings and birthday parties. Please "Chat with us" to discuss your requirements.
Testimonial 1: Just received a delivery from Griselda for the birth of my daughter. Beautiful biscuits, such a perfect gift. So much more delicious than nappies or hats or whatever. Enchanting. Thanks! John, London